Pricing & Cost

With our flexible and easy to understand pricing slab, you can choose the perfect plan depending on your business needs and the volume of anticipated transactions. In the event that you outgrow your current plan, you can always upgrade to the next higher plan

Our plans are based on the number of user accounts and invoices/payments. Each additional user counts towards the user count, and each successful payment counts to your payment limit. Payment limits are based yearly.

For NGOs and non-profit organizations, we offer a 50% discount.


Nu. 6,000/year

1 User Account
30 Payments/year


Nu. 9,000/year

3 User Accounts
70 Payments/year


Nu. 12,000/year

∞ User Accounts
∞ Payments

* Price is exclusive of the charges levied by Bank of Bhutan.

Example use cases to help you decide

Small Tour Operator

If you are a small tour operator that receives less than 30 international payments a year, the Starter perfectly suits your needs. This plan gives you 1 user account and the ability to receive 30 successful payments in a year.

Medium Tour Operator

For medium-sized tour operators, the Medium plan will give you 5 user accounts. upto 5 employees of your company can be given access to your PayBhutan dashboard to manage invoices and payments and you can receive upto 70 payments in a year.

Large Tour Operators, Hotels, NGOs, etc.

A hotel or an NGO, the number/frequency of payments can be very huge. With the Enterprise plan, unlimted number of payments can be received. Also, there is no limit on the number of user accounts that can be created, which would accomodate all employees a company may have.

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PayBhutan is an online invoicing & payment service based in Bhutan that enables Bhutanese businesses and organizations to accept online payments from their customers using their merchant accounts acquired from the Bank of Bhutan. PayBhutan is owned and operated by Green e-Solutions, a legal business entity registered with the Department of Trade, Bhutan.